Preparing iPads for MDM

  1. On the iPad, write down the iCloud account that is currently logged in, then log out of the account and ensure that Find My iPad is turned off. 
    I cannot begin to stress this enough.
    Make absolutely sure you write down the iCloud account before you do anything else.
    If you do not, and the iPad becomes activation locked, we have basically bricked the iPad.
  2. Plug up your iPad (or multiple iPads, you can do more than one at once) to a Mac. Make sure that Apple Configurator 2 has been installed on it and set up. If it hasn’t been, look here.

    Start up Apple Configurator 2, then right-click on the iPad and click “Prepare.”
  3. Choose “Manual.”
  4. Choose “Meraki MDM” as your server.
  5. Choose “Supervise Devices” and “Allow devices to pair with other computers.” The check mark for “Supervise Devices” is the whole point of this.
  6. Choose the organization name that fits.
  7. Choose “Choose only some steps” and choose the ones in the screenshot below. Click “Prepare” and it should go through a bunch of stuff, including probably (but not necessarily) re-installing the OS.
  8.  Once the iPad is done, you should see this on the iPad’s screen. Go ahead and tap “Get started.”
  9. Connect to a wifi network. 
  10. Enable Location Services.
  11. Tap “Apply configuration.” This step enrolls the iPad in the MDM.
    Note: If you get an error about an invalid profile, that means there aren’t enough licenses. A license will need to be freed up before you can prepare the iPad.
  12. Create a Passcode
  13. Sign in with the Apple ID for the organization.
  14. Don’t restore passwords.
  15. Once you get into the iPad, wait a bit for any prompts on the iPad (you may be prompted to re-enter the password for the Apple ID). Depending on which Organization you used in step 6, you may need to go into the JAMF Dashboard and put the iPad into a site to get the apps it needs.

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