OAuth2 Proxy Cont.

As is any SysAdmin’s wont in life, I’ve been messing around with OAuth2-Proxy and trying to add additional functionality beyond It-Finally-Works. If you haven’t already seen my previous post about setting up OAuth2-Proxy, please check it out since I’ll be working from that foundation.

Sign Out

While it might not have been the most important thing for a wiki page, it would be nice for my users to have the option to sign out if, say, they’re on a public computer (and responsible enough users to actually think of that, but that’s another story altogether).

This should be as simple as putting a “sign out” link for the users to click, but what URL do we use there. Well, there are two things we have to consider: the locally cached cookies, and the actual IDP session. If we do the first, but not the second, we’ll be taken to back to a login screen, but as soon as the IDP auth begins, your IDP will say “No need, you’re already logged in” and send you on your way without a username and password prompt. If you do the second, but not the first, then you won’t even get the sign in screen, because the cookies will still be cached. Even if you’re logged out from the IDP’s perspective, OAuth2-proxy still sees the cookies and will let you in without needing to check with your IDP.

OAuth2-Proxy’s documentation tell us we can use the following to clear cookies:


but then we need to also redirect to the IDP provider to also close sessions there. For Azure AD, that url is:

https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/oauth2/v2.0/logout? post_logout_redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Fmyapp%2F 

So we’ll need to combine these two into a URL. That monstrosity (including all of the HTML URL encoding necessary) should look something like this (assuming you’re using Azure AD as your IDP):


This URL will first tell OAuth2-Proxy to remove its cookies. then redirect (rd) to login.microsoft.com to log out of Azure AD, then tell Azure AD to re-route back to wiki.domain.com. From the user’s perspective, they’ll click on a sign out screen, choose a user account they’re logged in as to log out of, then get kicked to a couple of informational screens, then back to the sign in page.

There’s two more steps we need before we’re done. First, go into the Azure Portal, and go back to your registered app (Azure AD > App Registrations, and click your registered app). In the left-hand panel, go to “Authentication” and in the main panel, scroll down to “Front-channel logout URL.” Here, put in https://wiki.domain.com/oauth2/sign_out. I’m not entirely sure if this is correct, since in my testing I couldn’t quite get single sign-out to work right, but it couldn’t hurt.

Finally, and this is important, go into your config file and add whitelist_domains = "login.microsoft.com" (or whatever domain your IDP uses). Without this, OAuth2-Proxy won’t redirect to your IDP.

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